From ancient methods to modern tables, we honor our roots. Nourishing the world with the soul of Mexico.

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When it comes to savoring the true essence of Mexican cuisine, there's no substitute for the authenticity of maize tortillas. Taste the legacy. Share the tradition. Experience the soul of Mexico.

Mariana Alvarado Garcia

Celebrating Mexico's Culinary Heritage

We invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey into the heart of ancient Mexican cuisine. Under the culinary guidance of Chef Mariana Alvarado, we are passionately dedicated to preserving the rich heritage and flavors of our culinary roots. With a deep respect for tradition, we meticulously source heirloom corn and employ time-honored methods like nixtamalization and hand-grinding to craft authentic masa. Our mission is to transport your senses to the vibrant markets and time-tested kitchens of Mexico, one dish at a time

Get ready for an exciting journey with Masazul. While we continue to serve up happy and healthy Mexican cuisine today, we're also cooking up something special for the future. Stay tuned as we unveil our upcoming ventures, bringing even more authentic flavors, culinary experiences, and surprises your way.

The future of Masazul promises to be as vibrant and flavorful as our past and present. Join us on this epicurean adventure as we pave the path to new culinary horizons.

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From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, allow our talented team, led by Chef Mariana Alvarado, to craft a bespoke menu that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Mexico.

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